Strength is not about how much you can handle before you break, strength is about how much you can handle after you break…….

Never be ashamed of being weak or having a scar, it simply means you were strong enough to handle whatever tried to hurt you and break you down. It’s OK to be low or weak sometimes, but bring yourself up. You will never understand your strength until you will face your fears and struggles. Don’t be afraid of losing or breaking down, it only means that you are trying. Don’t let anyone break you, don’t give others the opportunity to see you breaking down. There are always people who secretly want to see you fall. It’s OK, just stay strong and stand tall……

Nobody is born strong, its the challenges of life that makes an individual strong. With each challenge, we learn something and grow mentally and emotionally. Be strong not only mentally but emotionally and physically as well. Anyone can give up, it is the easiest thing to do, but to stand through all the troubles and falling apart, is the real strength… Be strong enough to hold yourself up… It gets tougher day by day, you may want to cry and fall apart, let your tears fall. A strong person is the one who cries for a moment, then gets up and fight again. No one promised you easy path/ life, build the strength to endure a difficult path/ life. In the end, these lessons become your great strength.

The world is very nasty and full of pain and mean people and it will beat you if you let them to, what matters is whether you let them defeat you or fight and stand tall, strong and keep moving forward. Anyone can give up, its the easiest thing to do, but to hold on to the situation and fight back makes you a strong person. Don’t lose hope, trust in yourself and have faith in what you are doing. All this is shaping you to become what you need to be in life. Nothing comes easy, you have to show your potential and fight for your spot. Life will knock you many times and you might fall as well, you will lose all hopes, but make sure you stand out and fight, fight for your position, speak about what is right and what is wrong, be strong enough to face all the hurdles that life treat you with.

You are strong because you have been weak. You are fearless because you have been afraid. You are wise because you have been foolish. All the struggles and pain of life teaches you to be strong and be a wiser and better person than what you are now. Don’t lose hope everything happens for a reason, you never know what tomorrow may bring for you. Life is full of surprises. Just because things are not fine now, doesn’t mean they will be like this forever…. there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel…… Don’t forget that you are human and it’s OK to meltdown, just don’t let it break you. Cry as hard as you want, but make sure you don’t cry for the same things again and again.

Be thankful for the struggles you go through, they make you a stronger person. These lessons make you wiser. Believe in being strong when everything is going the wrong way. Tomorrow will be another day, with new hopes and miracles. True strength is being able to hold it together when everyone is expecting you to fall. Pain is temporary, the pain you are feeling today will make you a strong person tomorrow.  

Be strong and face life, because sometimes life gives you only one option… To be Strong…..         

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