Reality or Truth

We like to believe, what is convenient for us is the best thing and what we love is the truth but reality is different. There is difference between reality and truth… Hard facts… we want changes in the society but are we ready to adopt those changes and try to make a difference. Are we ready to face the reality? Or are we ready to face the truth….. are we open about the reality of the truthful facts of the society… There is difference between truth and reality… everything that happens is reality but everything that happens need not be truth…. The realization of truth and reality can never be created by the mind , it can only be done by self realization.   

We want strict punishment for the criminal cases but if someone we love or care does the same crime we want the person to be safe and we will go to any extent to save the person… this is the reality of society. We say many things, we want so many laws or rules for the betterment but the reality is that we ourselves don’t follow them. Face the reality as it is, not as you want it to be…..you can not mold the reality… it is in front of everyone. We want strict actions to be against the rape criminals but when it comes to us so we let our girls come out in open and speak about it? Do we let them be free again? Do we let them speak what happened to them? The answer is NO….. we can speak about hard crimes and topics but only when it is about others, when it comes to us we hide the reality. Truth is that it should be discussed and shared but the reality is it is not being discussed. We always carry a dual personality on all the realities. Things should be different for us and for others. We are ready to give advice to others but do we really follow those bits of advices? The answer is NO…..

We want the girls to have equal rights and opportunities but do we all give them these rights even at their own houses? We want the girls to be free and they should be able to choose the career path they want and they should be allowed to speak their opinions out and loud  but do we really allow them to do so? The answer is NO…. it is easy to speak about this but to adopt them is a tough task and until and unless we all will not adopt this change, we will not be able to understand the issue and situation. In every situation we tell girls if they are allowed or not, but do we ever question ourselves, who are we to decide?

Everyone wants the society to change but no one is ready to take the action towards it. We can held marches and protests but when it comes to any personal change or accepting the hard facts and the truth we take a step back and deny to be the part of any step towards change. This is the dual personality which we all carry. We fail to understand the mere difference between truth and reality and how we perceive it, is what makes the real difference. There is a thin line between what is the truth and what is the reality. We need to understand the difference and move out of the dual personality.   

It’s simple… there is a difference between reality and truth, wrong and right..but the question is how long will it take for people to understand the difference.

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