“ Stupid… no Kavya you were very smart. You used me for your benefit and when your work was done you threw me and left me like I never existed. You knew about my feeling and how serious I was but still, you preferred to leave me and for what… for your parents? Who agreed for our marriage this time. They would have approved the marriage back then as well… but you… you preferred to leave me and enjoy your life.” How could you be so heartless kavya?”

“ I was not heartless and I explained you everything still you wanted to take the revenge… what kind of love is this Abhimanyu….. I loved you and never used you… my feelings were pure and still, they are… I was and I am stupid to believe you…. how could you do this Abhimanyu…..”

“ You deserve all this… now you are gone kavya… you don’t have a job, I will use my contacts and will make sure you don’t get the job back… like I made sure that you lose the job… you are destroyed kavya….”
Abhimanyu started to walk towards the door leaving kavya crying… but turned immediately and said “ how can I forget we are going to be parents now… oh sorry, you are going to be a divorcee mother….I will send the divorce paper soon… enjoy your life and leave my house. I don’t want to see your face in my life now” and he left laughing.

Next day kavya received the divorce papers at her parent’s house. Kavya told them everything that happened. Kavya took the papers and picked up her bag and went out. She reached the office and tried to call Abhimanyu but he did not answer the call, she called the office and inquired about him and got to know about his meeting with the senior management. Kavya thought it is a good opportunity to go and meet the seniors and talk about the job and whatever happened.

Kavya went inside the office and knocked on the door of the conference room. She went inside and saw Abhimanyu seating there with all the board members of the company. She went ahead and introduced herself….

“ I am really sorry for disturbing the meeting ladies and gentleman but I have a serious issue to discuss here…”

Abhimanyu stood up and said “ This is not the right way of approaching the senior management Kavya if you want to talk to them… go and take prior time and then you can… and now leave. We are in the middle of a serious discussion.”

“ I have a serious issue to discuss Mr. Abhimanyu and if you will excuse me, I have to talk to the management and not you..” she replied and went and stood in front of the screen.

“ My name is kavya and I received the best performance award this year but due to some misunderstandings, the management decided that I am not good enough for this company and due to my behavior other people in the office have an issue in my being here. They questioned my character.. why not because I went up to them and said something… but because they received certain inappropriate texts and messages from my side…. after working so hard for the company and giving my best… I got this in return… my termination letter and for what… for a misunderstanding and for something which I was not be blamed for.”

Abhimanyu interrupted her… “ the board members are aware of the decision kavya… they know the reason behind the termination also… and they have taken a decision.. now please don’t waste our time and leave…”

“ They don’t know the whole story Mr. Abhimanyu and as I said I am not talking to you, I am talking to the board members now you please excuse me and let me complete…” Kavya said and took the permission of the members and started talking.

“ I am aware that the board has gone through the evidence and accordingly decision has been taken, but what if I tell you that it was all planned by someone against me and I am not at fault. Everything was made up..”

“ But we have the clipping of the messages from your number and emails from your email id. How can you deny this… we have all the proof” one of the board members interrupted her.

“ I know sir… all the proofs were shown to you but they were all made up and somebody tried to bring me down…”

“ Do you have any proof kavya to prove that you have not done this and somebody tried to conspire against you or do you know the person?” he asked.

“ Yes, Sir… I know who did all this….. it was all planned by Mr. Abhimanyu sir…” she replied.

“ But Abhimanyu and you are married… why will he do anything to harm your reputation… you must be mistaken….”

“ Why will I do this kavya… you know I am always supportive of you working…” Abhimanyu said.

“ That’s the mistake which all of you also have that he was and is supportive of me working because he is a loyal and supportive husband… but this is not the case here sir… my so-called supportive husband planned all this to destroy my career and self esteem….”

Abhimanyu interrupted her “ if you are angry with me, we can talk about that later kavya… why are you creating a scene here and wasting the time of the members… now go back home, we will talk about this issue there…. he opened the door for her but she did not move….

“ I am not here to discuss anything with you, Mr. Abhimanyu…” Kavya started to speak but was interrupted by one of the members…

“ Do you have any proof to favor your allegation kavya?”

“ Yes sir.. I have all the proofs needed to prove me innocent…” she replied.

“ Please, can we see them and then decide what is right and what is wrong.”

Kavya nodded and opened her bag and took out the pen- drive and switched on the projector…. Abhimanyu stood there watching kavya in disbelief. The moment she played the slide, Abhimanyu was shocked to see the video recording of his living room. Kavya paused the recording and said “ this is the recording from yesterday ladies and gentleman, where Mr. Abhimanyu himself accepted that he did all this and how. I think this will be enough…” she played the recording.

Everybody including Abhimanyu was shocked after seeing the recording and wondered when did she get the time and how she did all this…. he went ahead and switched off the projector and grabbed kavya hand “ How dare you do all this?.” kavya did not reply and managed to release her hand from his grip and moved aside…

“ This was my proof, ” she said and stood there waiting for their reply.

“We would like to discuss this issue amongst us. Please excuse us for some time, we will call you back.” Kavya started to walk out… “ You too Mr. Abhimanyu excuse us,” said one of the member.

The moment they stepped out of the room Abhimanyu grabbed her hand and started to drag her towards a corner but kavya managed to release her hand… “ Leave my hand and don’t dare to touch me again Mr. Abhimanyu….”. Everybody was staring at them and Abhimanyu asked them to go back to work as it’s their personal matter.

After some time the members came out and walked towards kavya… but Abhimanyu came in between “ She is doing all this to spoil my reputation, sir, nothing else. She is my wife why will I do this….” he said.

“ Same is the case with kavya, Mr. Abhimanyu… you are her husband why will she do this with you… now please excuse us…. we have seen the evidence kavya and checked the details with your team members also and found out that you are right and we took a wrong decision… we really apologize for the act and would like to offer you the role that Mr. Abhimanyu is currently handling. ”

“ How can you offer my role to her.. I have not left the company I am still working here,” said Abhimanyu.

“ No Mr. Abhimanyu, you are not working here, you were. We are terminating your services and will not need them in the coming future. You may leave now. Kavya we hope that you will accept the offer and if you need some time to think you can and let us know. ”

“ Thank you so much, sir… I really appreciate the offer and I do accept it and will join as soon as possible,” she replied.

“ You can not do this with me…. its all her fault she did all this with me in the past and now also she is doing all this to destroy me….” Abhimanyu started to walk towards kavya but she stopped him.

“ And if you want to file a harassment case against Mr. Abhimanyu, the company will provide all the help and the details required.”

“ Sure sir.. Thank you so much for the help……” Kavya replied and walked out of the office.

Abhimanyu followed her and stopped her “ What do you think you have won?… I will get another job in some other city but what will you do here being a divorcee mother and started to laugh…. kavya started to laugh and seeing kavya laughing Abhimanyu stopped.

“ How can you think that I will let you get away so easily….. I have already filed a complaint against you for raping me and harassing me in the workplace…. you can not go away like this Mr. Abhimanyu, I will make sure you pay for everything.

“ Raping you… hhahahahahah you are my legal wife kavya, how can I rape you…”

“ You can if it is not with my consent and this is what I have mentioned in my complaint also…and don’t worry about me I will live here happily….” kavya left him standing there.

Abhimanyu was arrested and was sent to jail for 2 years……kavya, on the other hand, started living with her parents and joined the office immediately.

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