Chapter 9

Kavya came back home with disgust towards the truths she just heard from her senior. She was not ready to believe until when she saw the proof of the incidents. She sat and dialed Abhimanyu’s number and told him to come home early as she wanted to discuss something.

In the evening, kavya cooked dinner and everything was prepared to keep in mind Abhimanyu’s preferences. She decorated the house with candles and prepared the table. She played his favorite music and was waiting for him to come home.

Abhimanyu was only thinking about what could have happened in the afternoon and why kavya called him early. He reached home and rang the doorbell. Kavya opened the door and hugged him tightly. She was dressed and ready for a romantic dinner with her husband. Abhimanyu was not expecting this surprise and asked kavya after seeing her and all the decoration…

“ You look perfect but why this surprise?”.

“ Yes, everything is fine. I am just so happy today, so wanted to celebrate the day with you”. she replied.
“What happened in the afternoon with Mrs. Mehta?. I asked you but you changed the topic”.

“ Everything is fine she came to inform me that management has decided to recruit me back and give me a promotion which was due. There were some misunderstanding and confusion due to which they fired me but now the confusion has been resolved and they have apologized to me.” Kavya told him.

“ Confusion? What kind of confusion. You should not go back like this.”

“ I have talked to them and cleared everything. I will be joining them from next week and there is something else that I wanted to tell you. I am very happy today Abhi… I am on the top of the world… we are going to be parents….” she told him with full excitement and joy.

Abhimanyu did not react to the news and was just standing there listening to her blankly. He could not believe what he just heard and was not ready to believe the second news. Kavya took his hand and lead him to the table and hugged him.

“ Are you not happy ?” She asked him when he did not react.

But there was no response from him. Abhimanyu was in disbelieve as to what has just happened to him and what about all the planning he did to destroy Kavya… Kavya shook his hand and he came back into his conscience.

“ What happened? Are you not happy with the news? Kavya asked.

“ Ya, I am happy… congratulations but how did it happen?”

“ What? The job or me being pregnant?”

“ The job”

“ The management had some misunderstanding but with all the positive feedback they agreed to investigate again and the result was in favor. That’s how I got my job back…Are you not happy?”

“ No.. nothing like that I am happy but how can they do mistakes like this. You should take some actions against them and should not join. We will find some other job for you… you deserve better.” he replied.

“ But it was just confusion and I don’t have any problem with them.. it is my dream job and they are giving me my due promotion also. I don’t see any issue in this and I will be with you, that is also a plus point.”

“ That is fine but…”

Kavya interrupted him and asked him about the second news.

“ leave all this. Are you not happy that we are going to be parents?” she asked him.

“ I am happy but don’t you think its too early. We are yet to settle completely in our career and having one more responsibility will be tough. You should give it a thought.” Abhimanyu replied and turned back and went away.

Kavya was standing there looking at him going and thinking about all those things which Mrs. Mehta told her and the proofs she showed her. She touched her stomach and said sorry………

She placed the laptop in the main room and turned on the projector. She called for Abhimanyu and played the screen when she saw him coming. When Abhimanyu came to the room, he was shocked to see his emails playing on the screen which he wrote to the management regarding kavya’s job and her poor performance. He was not able to understand from where she got all these emails because all these emails were directly written to the higher management. Gathering all his courage he asked Kavya…

“ What is all this.. how dare you check my emails.”

“ I should ask this thing to you Abhimanyu… what is all this? You did all this. You took away my job. You planned all this…. why…”

“ Who told you all this and who gave you the emails?”. he asked furiously.

“ Mrs. Mehta told me everything.. she told me how you planned all this and tried to destroy everything.. she told me how you emailed the management after the wedding that they should think before giving me my promotion and how you emailed them from different customer ids complaining about my behavior and how I call them at odd hours and try to fix meetings outside the office hours. You did all this to spoil my image in the eyes of the management so that they can take strict action against me and you even changed the reports and assignments which I gave you to submit. You changed all the reports and points to get me into trouble and when management wanted to meet me you told them that I have started to get anxiety attacks and not in a position to visit office or join back…. you hacked my email id, so that they cant reach me directly and asked them not to call me as I was in the hospital…. Why did you do all this… I loved you so much and you did all this with me… you spoiled my image and my reputation in the office by doing all this.WHY… who gave you the right to do all this and then act normal with me… Tell me Abhimanyu who gave you the right to do all this? You were fooling me and my family… why did you do this?.

Abhimanyu started laughing and clapping his hands…..

“ You were the one who gave me the right to do all this… you married me and gave me the permission to destroy your life. You and your family helped me to fulfill my plan of destroying you and your so-called reputation in the office.”

“ I… what the hell are you talking Abhimanyu…” she replied.

“ Directly or indirectly you and your family helped me with my plan.”

“ What plan and you loved me, then why did you do this to me?” Kavya asked.

“ Love.. it was long back. The only emotion I have for you is hatred…. love was long gone when you left me in the college all alone fighting with my thoughts and guilt. You did not even bother to ask me how I was feeling or how I am coping with the breakup and statement you gave me….remember “I never loved you, it was just a dare for me.” those words are still with me and still give me nightmares. Your so-called dare took away precious time away from me which I can never get back. Everybody was making fun of me and how you left me. I became a joke in the college, all the reputation, my image everything you took away.”

“ But I told you the truth Abhi before getting married if you still had this in your mind then why did you marry me? You should have stayed away. Why did you come close to me?” Kavya asked crying.

“ I wanted to take revenge and I wanted you to feel the same way I felt when you left me. Now you will realize how it feels to lose your reputation and yes I planned all this, I tricked your parents into this. I knew you will not marry me if your parents are not in support. The moment I got to know that you were in this office, I joined as your senior. I made the changes and went on the stage to present you the award. From that day onwards I started to convince your family about us. I told them everything, how you left me because of them and they agreed. My way was clear and to convince you was easy after that.”

“How could I be so stupid to believe you…” Kavya said.

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