Chapter 8….

“Why are you not talking to me and why were you ignoring my calls?” asked Kavya in the evening when Abhimanyu woke up and came to sit with kavya.

“I am talking to you and I was not ignoring your calls, I was just busy and tensed about your future,” he replied.

“ You should have informed me before going. You were not replying to my messages and disconnected my calls also. I needed you the most that time but you were not there, I understand that you were busy and you had to leave for some important work but one call or one message would have been enough.” kavya replied with tears in her eyes.

Abhimanyu hugged her and said “ its nothing like that. I know I should have texted you or even called you, I know it’s my fault but doesn’t worry. Now I am back and we will take care of the situation together now. Don’t worry everything will be fine”.

“ Did you get the chance to talk to the seniors in the office about my termination?.”

“ I was busy with my work but I have mailed them regarding the issue and I hope we will get a positive response. Why don’t you take some time off from work and relax? You have been working continuously from last so many years, I think you should take some time off.” Abhimanyu suggested.

“ You know how much I love my work and how determined I am towards my future. I don’t want to take any break. I will resolve this issue because I know I have worked really hard and my performance cannot be bad. I will talk to them and will try to make them understand else I will try somewhere else”. replied Kavya.

“ OK… but try to find a job in some other organizations. It will be waste of time to fight with them and I have sent them an email so let’s wait for their reply.” suggested Abhimanyu.

“OK. But try to follow up with them on this….”

“Sure and don’t worry I am with you and everything will be fine.”

They talked for some time and at night Abhimanyu took her out for dinner to her favorite restaurant. Next morning kavya got ready and asked Abhimanyu if he will drop her to office as she wanted to meet her senior regarding the issue.

“ Which senior and why are you meeting anybody? I told you I will talk to them and will try to sort out things.” Abhimanyu replied.

“ I am not going to discuss the issue with her. She texted me saying that she wants to meet me and its urgent.”

“ Urgent… what urgent. I will also accompany you” said Abhimanyu.

“ No. I will be fine as she wants to meet me alone. You don’t worry I will be fine.”

“ OK but don’t discuss the issue with her. It might worsen the things.”
“ OK, I will not” kavya assured him.

They got ready and left for office. He dropped her at the entrance where her senior was waiting for her already. Kavya hugged Abhimanyu and said that she will go back home after meeting her and will wait for him for dinner and she got down of the car.

They went inside the coffee shop and Mrs. Mehta her senior immediately asked her what made kavya do that.

“ Do what mam? Kavya replied.

“ You don’t have to hide anything from me. I am like your friend, you can tell me. What made you do all these mistakes.”

“ I trust you mam but seriously speaking I don’t know what you are talking about. What mistakes? I have not done anything”

While she was about to reply to her phone rang and it was a call from Abhimanyu. Mrs. Mehta saw that and asked kavya not to tell him anything about the conversation we are having. Kavya was confused with her behavior but agreed.

She picked up the call and Abhimanyu asked her what are they doing and what was that urgent matter. Kavya told him that Mrs. Mehta is having some trouble with her work and married life so she wanted to talk to me and discuss. She told him that she is fine and she will call him once she is free.

She went back and asked Mrs. Mehta about the issues. She told kavya that the projects she was assigned were rejected because of her mistakes. Seniors trusted her and forwarded the demands and proposals ahead but later found out that all of them contained mistakes because of which company has to incur losses. All these things happened while she was working from home. The management ignored one project but all her projects had some mistakes or the other which were not to be ignored and that is the reason why she was terminated from the office.

Kavya was shocked after listening to all this and was not ready to believe as she did her work with utmost dedication. Mrs. Mehta told her that there were other issues as well which forced the management to took this decision. They got a complaint through emails that to get promotion kavya is trying to get over friendly with her seniors and calling them at odd hours. They received emails and letters complaining about this that they are not comfortable working with kavya and want the management to take some strict actions against her.

Kavya was so shocked and petrified that she was not able to say anything or even ask anything. Then Mrs. Mehta told her something which made kavya’s situation worse…………

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