Chapter 7

Finally the day was here for which kavya was waiting since long… her wedding day…she was all dressed up and was waiting for abhimanyu to come. The wedding rituals started, kavya and her family was happy. The final rituals took place and they are finally married to each other after a lot of troubles and misunderstandings. They both were looking forward to starting the married life together.

Kavya resumed office after her wedding and a short trip to her favorite place Bali with her husband abhimanyu. She was very excited and enthusiastic about starting her career again. They both joined on the same day and received a warm welcome from the staff and team members.

Everything was going well until one day kavya received a mail stating that her services are no longer needed and she can clear her balances. She was taken aback by the mail and immediately went to her reporting boss and questioned about the mail she just received. They informed her that her performance have not been upto the mark and the decision have been taken mutually by all the senior authorities. Kavya could not say anything. She went to abhimanyu and informed him about the whole scene. Abhimanyu asked her to calm down and he will talk to the senior authorities and in the meanwhile she can go ahead and clear her balance. She took her stuff and went back to her parents house and cried. She informed them about what happened in the office and how she could not do anything about the decision and now she no longer have her dream job. Kavya was in shock and texted abhimanyu that she will be staying with her parents for few days and asked if he was able to talk to the seniors….

“ HI… I will be staying with mom and dad for few days to take some time off and decide on my future. Did you get any chance to meet or speak to the seniors about the decision?” Kavya texted.

“ I am busy right now, will talk to you later….” replied abhimanyu..

She went to her room and locked herself in. Kavya was not able to understand why she received this mail and how her performance can not be upto the mark as she has been working so hard before and after marriage. She never received any warning letter and the seniors has always praised her, she even received award for her performance. Kavya tried to think a lot about any situation which was not right and she has committed any mistake but no help.

In the evening she received one more mail from the office stating that she has been terminated from the office due to performance issues and she will not be able to join this office in future as well. Along with the mail she received her termination letter with negative remarks. She immediately called abhimanyu but he did not pick up her call. She forwarded the mail to him stating that this is what she has received and this will impact her career and she will not be able to get a proper job in future due to bad remarks in office. She asked him to check with the authority about this. She was waiting for the reply but did not receive any.

She cried a lot and did not eat anything. Her parents tried to talk to her but she refused stating that she is not hungry and she wants to stay alone. They tried to call abhimanyu but did not receive any response. The night passed like this… she woke up in the morning and checked her phone immediately to check whether she received any response from him. there was no call or message from him. She called him again but he disconnected the call. She got ready and went outside. Her parents were waiting for her, she went ahead and sat with them. She informed that abhimanyu is not picking up her calls and not even replying to her messages. They told her that even they tried to contact him but no response to their calls as well. Kavya was in extreme tension about her career and now abhimanyu’s strange behaviour. She decided to go back to her house. She left immediately and went straight to her house. She opened the door and called out abhimanyu name but no response, she thought he must be sleeping. She went to the bedroom to check but he was not there. She called him again, he disconnected again and received a text from him….

“ Due to some urgent office work I have to go out for few days….”

“ Please call me once you are free” kavya replied.

Kavya tried to talk to the authority herself about the negative comments on her letter but they refused to help her stating it was due to performance issues. She lost all hopes and went to her room depressed. She was waiting for abhimanyu to come to talk to him…. she was waiting for his call or even message but nothing. She called him in the evening but no response. She was not able to understand the reason behind his strange behavior.         

Abhimanyu returned after two days. Kavya opened the door and saw abhimanyu and hugged him but he did not hug her back and without saying anything went straight to bedroom. Kavya stood their blank. She was not able to understand what was happening to her. All of a sudden her happy life has taken a turn. She lost her dream job and now abhimanyu is behaving in a strange way.  

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