Chapter 6…..


The moment kavya opened her eyes, she was shocked to see the decoration of the room and in the middle show her parents standing with flowers in their hands… she was not able to understand what was happening in the room and asked Abhimanyu…


“ What is this and what are they doing here and have you planned and why…?”


“ Relax and calm down… just walk with me and you will know everything.”


Kavya started walking with shaking legs, she tried to calm herself down and thinking that it is not what she is thinking. They reached where her parents were standing, they hugged her and they all sat on the table. Everything was planned to keep kavya’s liking in mind. The decor, food, music, and everything were planned as per her interest. She was so nervous that it was clearly visible on her face. She was nervous as well as scared seeing her parents there.


Abhimanyu broke the silence and started the conversation but before he could finish his sentence, kavya interrupted him….


“Why you are doing all this?” she asked him.


“ Doing what.. we are here for family dinner,” he replied calmly.


“ Family dinner for what. There is no special occasion, then why are we here?” kavya asked but this time her voice was strict and was clear that she was waiting for the truth.


“ OK… I think I should tell you the truth and I think you should know it by now. The moment you left me, I was completely devastated and was eager to find out the answers to all my questions but there was nobody who could answer me. I tried to talk to your friends but no one was aware or they didn’t tell me the truth. I thought that maybe I was not stable and I was not sure about my career plans, that’s why you were ashamed of me and didn’t want me to meet your parents.”


Kavya interrupted him….


“ But this is not the truth…”


“ Now I know that but at that time there was nobody who could tell me the truth so I thought whatever was coming in my mind. Keeping the story short… I was not able to forget you and wanted you to be in my life again. So I started working hard and managed to grab a job in your company but different location. I researched and worked hard to reach this position. After seeing you that day I was so happy that you have no idea. I was thrilled to meet you but I could see the expression on your face also… that day I decided that I will fix everything and I will start by becoming your friend again and before everything I met your parents and informed them everything and took their approval before entering your life again.” he explained the situation to her and kavya was listening to everything and the nervousness just disappeared from her face slowly.


After telling her everything, Abhimanyu went on her knee and proposed kavya for marriage… kavya was not sure and she looked at her parents and they approved. She also loves Abhimanyu and with all the courage and her parent’s approval, she said YES.


They both hugged and sat for dinner… the evening went as per Abhimanyu’s plan and kavya’s liking. They decided that they will get married as soon as possible as Abhimanyu was to leave the country for one year for some business work and he wanted kavya to accompany him. To which kavya agreed. The date was finalized and everybody was happy specially kavya, but she was unaware of the future which was going to change everything for all………..

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