Chapter 5

To her surprise, everything went well in the office the next day. They met during the formal introduction with other team members and to discuss the strategies for future projects. Everything went smooth neither Abhimanyu nor kavya tried to talk to talk to each other apart from that introduction. She thought that maybe its just the coincidence that he is here and she is thinking a lot about it.


Days went like this and everything was normal and kavya forgot about the message and tried to focus on her projects and work. One weekend she received a text message on her number from him. She was hesitating at first to talk to him but after thinking a bit she replied to his text…..


“Hi… how have you been”.? His text read.


“Hi… I am doing good. How are you.” kavya replied formally.


“I am doing good too. I thought you would not reply. Thank you for talking…..” he said.


“Nothing like that, I don’t keep any grudges for anyone. You tell me how have you been and how come you joined relationship management?” kavya asked with curiosity.


“ Shit happens and it happened with me also and I am here.” He said laughing.


They talked casually and decided to be normal in the office to avoid any awkwardness. The next couple of months went off smoothly without any trouble or issue. They again became friends but kept things professional between them. They discussed the past and tried to sort the things and kavya told him about the situation she faced while they were in a relationship. She thought Abhi would be angry but to her surprise, he did not utter a word and only nodded to her statement. They talked about all the issues and tried the possible solutions they had at that time but were not of any use today. After their discussion, things became more smooth for kavya in office and she again started enjoying her work and atmosphere in the office.


They again became friends like they were in college but maintained a healthy distance from each other. They started going out together, shopping and outing also. Kavya once called him for dinner at her place as her parents wanted to celebrate her success and wanted to meet Abhimanyu. Things were going smoothly until one day when kavya received a text from Abhimanyu to take a leave from office on the same day when they used to celebrate their friendship and later their anniversary in the past. His text read…..


“Hi…. I want you to take leave tomorrow and be free as we are going out to celebrate….be ready I will pick you up and don’t worry about the leave application… it’s approved for tomorrow… :).”


“ Hi… celebrate what. It’s not my birthday or any special occasion and I have an important meeting tomorrow.”


“Everything is taken care of on your behalf in office… just be ready by 9 sharp.” Abhimanyu replied.




She was nervous as he was not giving any direct answers to her. The proposal day was going on in her head and she could not help but be tense from the celebration. The next day she woke up and got ready by 9. She received the text from Abhi asking her to come downstairs. With nervousness clearly visible on her face, she went downstairs. He was standing there and waived at her will bright smile on his face. She waved back and went towards the car. He opened the door for her and she sat waiting for him to sit. She asked him about the plan but he did not reply and said its a surprise for her and she will find out soon. He created the same day again for her, they did everything which she likes.. from the movie, shopping to going to her favorite restaurant to have snacks and bought her balloons and flowers on their way…. though she was enjoying the time however she was very nervous as he was creating the same day….. their proposal day……


The entire day went by doing everything kavya likes…. and in the evening he took her to his favorite place and asked her to close her eyes as there was a surprise for her. After listening to this she was very scared and said no loudly….. Abhimanyu turned and asked her what happened? She said nothing and refused to close her eyes….


“Don’t worry I am not going to kidnap you and take you to some unwanted place,” Abhimanyu said.


“ Its nothing like this… but I will walk like this and will not blindfold myself.”


“ OK… don’t blindfold but at-least close your eyes, I have something planned for you. Trust me.”


“OK,” said kavya and started walking towards the restaurant. He came from behind and closed her eyes with his hands.. she did not resist and kept on walking…. the moment they entered the room Abhimanyu removed his hands from her eyes… kavya opened her eyes and was shocked after seeing the scene of the room…….

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