Chapter 4



Kavya was working as a relationship manager with a reputed MNC after completing her studies. She changed completely as a person after that night when she last spoke to Abhimanyu. She was only focused on her studies and career. She did not inform anyone about what happened between her and Abhimanyu and kept the thing to herself. She did not see him after that call….she blamed herself for that happened and was living in the guilt of hurting him. She tries to find out about him through her friends but no one was aware of where he was and what he was doing. Some said he left the college, some said his health is not keeping well, but only kavya knew the truth….


She involved herself in her work and focused on moving ahead in her career but his words would always play in his head…she did not hear from him after that one message she received the next day….


“ Thank you so much for letting me know that it was all a dare for you, because if someone else would have told me this…. I would have never believed it. Thank you for helping me come out of my dream world which I had built with you. Thank you for breaking all the dreams which I had started to build with you. Though it was very hard for me to believe that this was just a dare for you but I know I will have to believe it… you will never see my face again… I am not leaving the college but you will never be able to know anything about me even if you will want to, you will never find me anywhere…. but one day I will be back…….”


She deleted every call details and messages of both of them but did not deleted this message and would read it everyday… and her morning would start with the thought that she might see him today and they would talk. But she never thought that she will meet him like this not even in her wildest dreams…..


She was being awarded the best employee award and the award has been given by the new boss. She was all excited and happy at the same time, she brought along her parents for the award ceremony.


The evening started and her name was called, there was applause in the entire hall. The moment she stood to receive her award she could not believe her eyes when she was him on the stage to give her the award. Abhimanyu was standing with the trophy and a smile on his face. She stood there shocked and was numb for a minute. His message flashed in front of her eyes and every word was echoing…. BUT ONE DAY I WILL BE BACK….. her mother shook her and asked her to go ahead and receive the award but she was too scared. Her name was called again and she moved ahead with fear on her face clearly visible.


She went on stage and Abhimanyu greeted her with a smile and congratulated her for the great work and handed over the trophy to her. She could not believe what was happening to her. She came back and sat and now it was Abhimanyu’s turn to speak on the mike to introduce himself to the employees. He came and started speaking but constantly staring at kavya…. he started….


“ Hello… ladies and gentleman… my name is Abhimanyu and I am your new leader in relationship management. I will be taking over the position and will try to give my 100% to resolve all the issues and try to make a good environment for all. I AM BACK……”


After the event was over kavya went straight to her house and locked herself in the room. She was not talking to anybody. She was not able to understand what to do next and how she will explain the situation to her parents… she started to think a lot about how she will continue in the office. She could not resign as she has signed an agreement with the company. She decided to continue and stay away from him as much as possible. She was thinking about all the reasons why he was here and was it planned?

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