Chapter 3


They started talking to each other and meeting outside the college. Slowly and steadily they became best friends. Kavya relied completely on Abhimanyu for all her decisions, he became her motivator, supporter and guide for all the life and career issues. Kavya was aware of his feelings towards her but she was taking things slowly and was trying to know Abhimanyu and wanted to enjoy the phase with him.


One evening they were out for a date which Abhimanyu had planned for completing one year of their friendship. He planned the whole day for her, all her favorite things were included, like shopping, adventure sports, and good food. He wanted to surprise her at the end of the day. They enjoyed the whole day and had lots of fun. The moment they reached kavya’s place to drop her, he followed her and asked her to stop. It was time for the surprise. He stopped the car a few meters away from her house so that she doesn’t get into any trouble. He got down from the car and asked kavya to close her eyes, she asked him many questions but none were answered. He helped kavya to come out of the car and held her hand to help her move. He left her hands and asked her to wait. Kavya waited patiently for him to return. From the back, she heard his voice, “open your eyes Kav”……. she opened her eyes and turned to face him, but what she saw was breathtaking for her. A huge heart was drawn on the road with red rose petals which were her favorite, on the border were candles, and Abhimanyu was standing there playing her favorite song, he learned guitar and that song for this special day and to make it more memorable for her. She likes boys who play guitar and sing. Kavya had tears in her eyes seeing all this, she went ahead and hugged him tightly, thanking him for the wonderful day and a memorable one.


He kissed her on the forehead and bent down with a ring in his hand. Kavya was taken back by this. He asked…..


“Ms. Kavya, would you like to be my girlfriend and promise to be with me in my journey of life?.”


She stood there blank and was not able to reply. She started crying and hugged Abhimanyu tightly.


“YES”….. She replied and hugged him back.


This was the moment she will remember her entire life. The moment, the whole day and his efforts. She thanked him for everything he has done for her and promised him to be his companion for the rest of the life. He helped her wear the ring which he had selected with the help of her best friend.


“When did you plan all this and how?” kavya asked.


“ I wanted to make this day special for you and what better day then our one year friendship anniversary. You remember how nervous I was that day when you came to talk to me, I thought you will scold me for all the staring incidents. But Thank God you were a sweetheart and accepted my apology.” he smiled and hugged kavya.


The relationship started and they started spending more and more time together. Participating in competitions together and studying together became a part of their routine. They liked each others company so much that they did not felt the need for anyone else. Kavya relied completely on Abhimanyu and started trusting him blindly. The relationship went smoothly for a month and slowly kavya started releasing that she has changed and has become a completely different person, she was only focusing on Abhi and nothing else. For everything she was asking Abhimanyu and was doing all those things which he likes and not what she wants to do. She started to feel as if she is caged and she is not free to take her own decisions. Kavya who was earlier an independent girl was now relying on someone else to decide what is right for her and what she should do. 24*7 she talked to Abhimanyu, sometimes the whole night they would talk to each other and attend classes the next day. There was no time for her to go out with her friends or spend time with her family even. She was also aware that her family will never accept this relationship and they will have to part their ways in the future, which made her sadder and she started to feel guilty about all these things.


She loved Abhimanyu and did not want him to be hurt and feel as if her feelings have changed for him. Her feelings were genuine but she was not free. She was confused but there was nobody from whom she could share this thing with. This affected her college grades as she started to study less and would think about all this entire day and night. She started to miss her class which affected her attendance and she could not sit for one of her external exams. Her parents, on the other hand, thought that she might not be liking the environment of the college or maybe she is about to graduate so she must be in a tension for her career, as these were the reasons which kavya gave them. She gave the same reasons to Abhimanyu also. He was tensed for her and would always ask:


“ Is there anything else that you are worried about and you are not sharing it with anyone and especially me? Are you not comfortable in this relationship.?”


“ Nothing like that. I am happy with you and there is nothing which I am hiding and why would I hide anything from you.” she would reply.


Two months passed like this and she could not find any solution and was feeling terrible but she started attending the college. One day her teacher called her and asked her if there was any problem because her attendance was sort and her grades were not up to the mark. She told her that she is tensed about her career and that is all that is bothering her. The teacher informed her that she is a bright student and with the help of the placement team she will definitely get a good job. She also told kavya that her extracurricular activities will also help her. After meeting the teacher, kavya sat in the library and thought about what will be right for her and for him also. She decided to go and talk to Abhimanyu and tell him about what all she is thinking and ask him if they can be back with just being friends and give time to each other.


She called Abhimanyu and asked him to meet outside the college after the classes. He agreed. He went there little early to surprise her with her favorite flowers. While he was going he saw kavya talking to one of the boys, which made him jealous as well as furious. Abhimanyu was very aggressive in nature and he never liked kavya talking to any other guy. When she was talking to that guy she saw Abhimanyu standing there and anger on his face was clearly visible. She turned and started walking towards Abhimanyu but he ran away from there. Kavya called him but his phone was switched off, she kept on calling him until he picked up the phone.


“ Why did you run from there, when I was coming to talk to you.?” she asked.


“ You know I don’t like you talking to boys but still you were talking to him and did not bother to think about me.” he was shouting at her when kavya interrupted him in between.


“ Why should not I talk to any boy, who are you to control me and my life like this,” she said.


“ I am your boyfriend and I don’t control you, I guide you and help you because I feel for you.”


“ Boyfriend… HUH.. never, you are nobody to me. Who told you that you are my boyfriend. It was all fake and nothing else. How can you be so stupid and think that I will be with you forever.” she said.


Abhimanyu was not expecting this and he was taken back by her words and tears rolled down his face. He could not say a word and listened to kavya in silence.


“ You accepted my proposal.” This is what came out of his mouth….


“I never loved you, it was just a dare for me,” said Kavya.


She disconnected the phone………

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