CHAPTER 2


Abhimanyu was all prepared to go ahead and talk to her and know her. He went to college thinking that he might meet her in class, but the moment he entered the class she was not there and nobody was aware of where she was. With disappointment on his face, he went back. He was waiting outside her class but she did not turn up. After waiting for so long he decided to go back and attend his class instead. While going back she was on his mind and on his way back he saw her talking to one of her friends. A bright smile spread on his face the moment he saw her down the hallway. He could not help but stand there looking at her and admiring her. She was all over his mind and thoughts. He went back to attended his class; his day did not go as per the plan but he was happy that he got to see her.


He dropped the plan of going and talking to her, instead, he would just look at her and admire her and praise about her beauty and intelligence among his friends. Few days passed and one day he got to know that he and kavya are on the same team for the debate competition. He was excited, happy and nervous at the same time. He knew that kavya was aware that he stares at her, which made him nervous.


Kavya was excited about her debate competition and to meet her partner for one of the competition rounds. She knew Abhimanyu by his face but was not aware of his name. When she saw the list, her friends informed her that her partner is a debate champion of the college and she is lucky to have him as a partner. She wanted to meet him to see how talented he is and know whether he is worth all the praise. But she was not able to find him anywhere.


On the day of the competition, Abhimanyu decided to take things easy and not to talk about all the staring incidents. They both were to perform in a team as well as individually in the debate. Kavya won her individual competition and decided to see Abhimanyu perform. She went to the venue and was shocked to find out who Abhimanyu was. He was the same guy she wanted to go to and confront about the incidents which were making her uncomfortable. She went ahead and watched him perform. She was impressed with his performance. Now she was waiting for their turn in the competition. Their names were called and they went on the stage, everyone cheered for Abhimanyu and he was nervously looking at kavya, thinking she might say something. But to his surprise, she greeted him with a smile and said nothing. They were given the topic and time to discuss. They performed and the crowd cheered at their turned, they were a fire as a team and won the competition. Kavya was happy that she won both her first competition and on the other hand Abhimanyu was still thinking why she did not say anything. After the competition kavya left the venue without saying anything to him.


Abhimanyu tried talking to her the next day but he was not able to find her anywhere in college. After a few days on the way to his class, he heard someone calling his name. He stopped and saw kavya standing there, he went towards her with nervousness on his face thinking about what she will say. Kavya waived at him when he was near and he waved back. She greeted him with a smile and congratulated him on winning the competition.


“Congratulation,” said Kavya.


“ Thank you and same to you,” he replied with a bright smile on his face. He could not believe he was finally talking to her.


“ I tried to congratulate you that day but I guess you left immediately after the competition,” Abhimanyu said.


“Yes, I had to visit my friend.” kavya told him with a smile.


“If you don’t mind I want to ask something,” she asked.


“Yes, sure please, ”Abhimanyu replied with nervousness on his face clearly visible.


“ I have seen you staring at me many times. Is it that you want to say something?” Kavya asked.


Abhimanyu knew this day would come and he will have to answer this question but he was not sure of the answer himself. With nervousness and hesitation in his voice he replied:


“ I am really sorry about the whole staring thing. I know I was wrong, I should have come and apologized,” he said and paused for some time. Kavya waited for him to say something but he just kept quiet. Kavya was not sure what happened to him so she replied thinking that he might be waiting for her reply. She accepted the apology and asked him the reason for staring and not talking.


Abhimanyu thought it would be better to tell her the truth instead of denying or lying. He told her that he is not sure about his feelings but the moment he looks at her he is mesmerized with her charm and confidence on her face. He is not sure whether its liking or just an infatuation but whatever it is he is sure of one thing that he admires her and respect her.


Kavya smiled in response and told him that if this was the case he should have told her instead of staring. Abhimanyu was embarrassed for his actions and apologized again. Kavya smiled and told him that its alright and she is fine now. She praised him for his performance and congratulated him for winning. They talked and talked for hours and finally, Kavya interrupted stating she has an important class to attend and she will leave now. They both got up and Kavya started to leave after saying bye to him. Abhimanyu wanted to take her number but he was hesitant and though she might not like it. He saw her walking but he stood there staring at her and hoping to meet soon. Suddenly Kavya turned and called his name, Abhimanyu ran towards her. To his surprise, kavya asked for his contact number, his face lite up and he was happy from within. They exchanged their numbers and she went to her class.



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