Have you ever wondered what your life be when you realize the person you loved the most is not by your side? The person is nowhere to help you, to support you, to guide you, to love you and to protect you. The feeling of being left alone and lost even when you are surrounded by the whole bunch of people is scary. You might see the person standing right next to you but you cant call them yours anymore, they are a complete stranger to you. You die from within, slowly. You know it’s over but your heart is not ready to accept it or to believe that you are left alone to shatter and fight. You fell empty from within, you lose interest in life. The desire to live and be happy seems to fade away.


We sometimes want to disappear and not to be found by anyone. Its really hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember, to cherish and to love. It hurts thinking that the person who made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel left alone and left out today. You don’t know how to live without that persona but you have to continue and keep going for yourself. To fight with all the negative forces which were never near you because you were guided and shielded by someone special who left you to be broken now. Everything you loved becomes everything you hate. Suddenly all the romantic songs which were meant for you started to make you weak and lonely.

You forget to love and cherish, you have lost faith in everybody and everyone around you. You don’t feel like building trust on anyone because of the fear to be left alone. The fear to be lost and left alone kills you from within. You cut yourself from the world. You start to doubt everyone. You try to bring yourself up again, to be alive again. You try to gather all your shattered pieces one by one and try to keep them safe and not let anyone touch them or break them again. You start to think you deserve to be alone and no one will be with you. The fear that everyone will leave you eventually will stay with you and you will not be able to trust anyone anymore.


It will be impossible to forget the person who gave you so much to remember and move on. You fell so much broken that you will not realize how much you can hold yourself up and when you will give up on yourself as you are tired to try and build yourself again. You know deep inside that your heart is aching and the soul is crying. Love is an uninvited guest, you never know and realize when they are going to come and make your life a happy place. Love takes your heart away.


Sometimes you go through a hard time, sometimes you are so broken from within that you start to question your existence. You remember all the promises which are broken now or left to be broken. What hurts the most is the feeling that you gave your all to the relation and the person, through thick and thin you were standing by their side, but the person left you all alone and just gave up on the relationship. They did not hesitate and left, leaving you lost and alone. You lose a part of your life. The goodbye was never planned and never explained, it just happened unexpectedly. The hardest part is not losing them but to learn to live without them. You try to fill the emptiness that’s left inside you and your heart when they left.


They left you lost and alone but to continue on that path is not what you are here for. Fight with the feeling of being alone and always remember many who started with you won’t finish with you. Be willing to walk alone and shine brightly. Be courageous to face any challenge and overcome the tough and difficult situations. Go out make new friends, trust people but not trust them blindly, take your own decisions, open the doors for people to be a part of your life. Live your life and enjoy every moment of it. Sitting and being alone is better than walking with a wrong person. Know your true worth and you will never feel alone. Focus on making yourself a better person than what you were. Everybody has gone through tough times and heartbreaks which has changed them completely as a person and the way they look at things. “GET COMFORTABLE IN BEING ALONE. IT WILL EMPOWER YOU”.


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