You are stronger than you think….


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We might think its the end of everything, nothing is left and you don’t have anything to do. Your life is finished but deep inside you know what you are capable of and how far can you go. In life we face many difficulties, we are forced to think that we can not handle it anymore or we have no other option but to just quit. Quitting is not an option and it should never be because if we quit we lose in life and we might not be able to face ourselves. Will you be able to face your self after quitting? NO. We should always try to face all the situation, after all, we know that we are stronger than what we think. No matter what people say or what their opinion is. Trust yourself and live your life.


We will face or we might have faced so many challenges in life which have taught us something either in a positive way or in a negative way. These lessons will help us live our life in a better way. We will not commit the same mistake which we did earlier( until and unless we are stupid enough to commit the same mistake again and again). the struggle which you will face today will make you a stronger person from within and you will develop strength for future. Once you are able to make through all the obstacles you will be a stronger person.


Some say “ you should learn from the mistakes of others”. Can we really learn from the mistakes of others? There is a quote “ before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and start to live my life” until and unless you have lived that person life you will not be able to know what that person went through and how and why those mistakes were made. So how can one learn from the mistakes of others. You will not meet the exact same people and you might not face the same situation or problem. One learns from his/ her mistakes. You will learn from your own mistakes. They will make you stronger and you will be able to walk into life with your scares as badges of achievement because you have learned from your mistake and you are stronger than what you were the other day.


You will be in pain but in the end, you will overcome all the fears and pain and those pains will become your strength. You should be thankful for the struggles you go through because they make you wiser and humble. Whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger. Grow stronger from the pain don’t let it destroy you. Let people think this is it, you can not go beyond and this is your limit of everything. Show them who you really are from within and how stronger you can emerge in the difficult situation. Let your action speak because you also know you are stronger than you think. Never underestimate yourself and don’t let others judge you as they have not walked into your shoes. In order to love your self, you can not forget the experience and difficult times that shaped you. Those will be your badges of pride and happiness. You are the hero of your life. You might feel alone sometimes but don’t let it bother you, the hardest walk is walking alone you have to walk alone to understand things and clear the thoughts. There might not be anybody today with you but there will be new morning tomorrow and you might find the right person to walk with. Never be afraid of walking alone. Until you are broken you will not know what you are made of, difficulties will break you and once you are broken you will know what you are made of. It will give you the ability to build yourself again and stronger than ever.

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Success will make you stronger about what you have to do in life but failures will teach you what not to do and take right decisions. If you will not face the failures of your life how will you know the real happiness of success? Smile every day and let people know that you are stronger than before. Embrace your life and faults you make because they will make you a better person. Whenever life tries to pull you down just remember you are stronger than you think…..



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